The Gilroy Law Firm, with the highest ranking awarded, continually strives for excellence in its legal service.

Welcome To The Gilroy Law Firm

The Gilroy Law Firm serves Island, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties in the areas of:

  • Business Formation and Litigation
  • Estate Planning/Estate Administration
  • Mediation & Arbitration
  • Real Estate/Eminent Domain
  • Real Estate General Matters
  • Real Estate Sales & Purchases

Areas of Practice

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Articles of Incorporations, Bylaws, LLC Operating Agreements, Subchapter S Elections, Corporate Minutes, Business Litigation

Business Formation & Management

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Property Rights, Private Condemnations, Public Condemnations, and Relocation Law

Real Estate/Eminent Domain

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Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Wills and Trusts, Petitions for Probate and TEDRA Actions

Estate Planning/Estate Administration

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Zoning and Land Use, Title Work, Quit Title Actions, Commercial Leasing, Partitions, Property and Boundary Line Disputes

Real Estate General Matters

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Facilitating resolution since 1994

Mediation & Arbitration

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Purchase and Sale Agreements, Breach of Contract, Title Work, Closing Document Review

Real Estate Sales & Purchases

Why Hire Us?

  • WORKING MEETINGS (1.5 hour face -to-face consultation meetings) Tracy Gilroy reviews relevant documentation, provides a Plan of Action and a Legal Opinion to handle and resolve your matter – the Charge? $300.00.
  • Tracy Gilroy is friendly yet, a tenacious advocate for justice and her Client’s desires and legal rights.
  • Since 1989, Tracy Gilroy has been retained by over 1600 satisfied clients.
  • Tracy Gilroy is a creative lawyer, a humorist playwright and an active member and supporter of her community.
  • The Firm has up to date technology and a driftwood desk!
  • For 36 years, Tracy Gilroy teaches the law to juries, her Clients, college students and practicing attorneys around the Country. Complex concepts are made understandable with her unique delivery.
  • The Firm and Clients, together, discuss and commit to reasonable charges for all legal services.
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