Real Estate Sales & Purchases

Sales & Purchase Assistance

The Gilroy Law Firm has assisted Clients for decades in Real Estate Sales and Purchases of all types of properties:  Residential, Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial.  As a Trial and Appellate Real Estate Lawyer who enjoys drafting understandable contracts, Gilroy provides a unique perspective when drafting and analyzing contracts and when supervising transactions.  

The Gilroy Law Firm engages in preventative legal counsel that avoids future legal issues.

Here are the Legal Services that The Gilroy Law Firm performs for the Buyer or Seller:

  1. Listen to the Client’s goals for the sale/purchase;
  2. Review Valuation Data to establish or analyze purchase prices;
  3. Draft a custom and understandable contract for sale or purchase and conduct negotiations on all legal matters in the contract, not just price, e.g. extensions and contingency waivers and compliance clauses;
  4. Supervise the deadlines and obligations in the executed contract;
  5. Supervise all inspections and reports conducted pursuant to the contract;
  6. Review all title report documents and title insurance;
  7. Draft all additional agreements between Buyer and Seller based on those reports;
  8. Obtain and review all Closing documentation to be executed at the Closing;
  9. Supervise the paperwork and title matters after the Closing; and
  10. Maintain important deeds for the Client in digital form.



“The Professional Legal Service Provider since 1994”

Below are some basic RULES that The Gilroy Law Firm has advocated in its practice of real estate sales and purchase business since 1989 in Missouri, Illinois and, now, in Washington State:

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