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Helping With Both Estate Planning And Estate Administration

The Gilroy Law Firm has advised Clients in their Estate Plans in Washington, Missouri and Illinois.  Tracy Gilroy, Trial Attorney, Mediator and President of the Firm, has also assisted in the administration of Clients’ Estates in Washington Courts and outside of Court.  Practicing real estate and estate law since 1984, Gilroy has been highly accredited by her profession, receiving the A.V. Rating and Pre-Eminent Rating from Martindale Hubbell in 1994.  The Gilroy Law Firm, providing legal services in Washington State since 2014, is known for its practical and ethical guidance on available and appropriate legal strategies for each of the Firm’s Client. 


Our Clients have some unique and not-so-unique goals for their lives and for their family and friends. Listening and learning with the Firm’s Clients are essential components of Tracy Gilroy’s service.  With a positive approach to the emotional stage of life at death, planning and designing an estate plan is an enlightening and joyous experience.    Together with the planner and their family, Gilroy assists in designing an Estate Plan that fits the Client’s desires of gifting and provides a meaningful benefit to heirs, friends and community. 


Estate Planning tools are vast; the law (especially tax law) is ever changing.  It is important to keep current on the law.  Tracy Gilroy engages in continual Legal Education with the Estate Planning Council of Seattle Annual Seminars, Washington State Bar Association, Snohomish County Bar, Island County Bar and seminars with the University of Washington School of Law.  With learned guidance in this area of the law, The Gilroy Law Firm’s Clients are able to legally avoid the costs of probate, reduce or avoid taxes (income tax, capital gain tax and estate tax) and protect assets from creditors and preserve the assets for future generations and the community, if so desired. 


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DISCLAIMER:  Statements below are not legal advice for a particular person. We recommend that these statements be discussed with Legal Counsel and a Tax Advisor.   

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