Privacy Statement

Our website is a community service to assist with understanding of legal concepts.  It is not intended to provide you with specific legal advice in your matter. 

An Attorney-Client relationship with our firm is established only through our intentional Client-Intake Process.  We welcome your review of this website, although it is important to know it does not establish that relationship with our firm. 

Privacy & Security Notice

Your contact information is kept securely within our paper and digital files.  We do not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your requests of our Firm. 

To request an Attorney-Client relationship with our Firm Click HERE.

To request an Attorney-Client relationship with our Firm, five things must occur:

1.       You provide your Contact Information. 

2.       With that information, the Firm checks potential conflicts with existing and past clients;

3.       If no conflicts, you will be interviewed for GENERAL FACTS of your case. 

NOTE:  This interview is NOT CONFIDENTIAL; so do not divulge any confidences as yet.

4.       If legal advice is warranted, a Working Meeting or Consultation Meeting will be set.

5.       At the start of the Meeting, a Legal Service Agreement will be reviewed and signed. 

After these 5 actions are completed, you will be a Firm Client and be entitled to the Attorney-Client Privilege of confidential communications.